4b. Bifold Greeting Card: Literature Series: “The Mother Tree” (Blank Inside/Poetry on Back)


The poem on this card (below and pictured) is inspired by, and echoes of the ecological themes from, the books, “Finding the Mother Tree,” by Suzanne Simard, “Overstory,” by Richard Powers, & “The Hidden Life of Trees,” by Peter Wohlleben, with a hefty dose of feminism and dash of fat activism thrown in for good measure. All of my poems are also inspired by the photos I take, and the places I go to take those photos.


A 4 x 5.5 glossy greeting card, blank inside.

Pictured on the front is a photo of an ancient, gnarly tree, roots exposed, with a dark hollowed out trunk. The elder tree is surrounded by much younger trees sprouting around her.

The following is my original poetry, printed on the back of the card:

The Mother Tree “In her youth, a tree has many friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters, all chattering together in the wind. As she ages, she stands taller, spreads wider, learns to take up space, finds her unique voice, taking her rightful place as a confident, powerful Mother Tree. She helps young trees, aids elders and the injured, sharing resources and communicating through the mycorrhizal fungi that embrace and support her roots, creating community and ecosystems, echoing the universal connections. As she grows, she says goodbye to old friends, outlives brothers and sisters, sees bright new generations sprout up around her wisened, greying frame. She is home to the feathered and furry forest dwellers. She is ancient but Mighty. She has stories to tell. Listen.”

The above poem and photo are featured in my art and poetry book, available for sale on this page.

Included with purchase is a corresponding white envelope and protective plastic sleeve.

Contact me at astro.greenlady@gmail.com for discounts on bulk purchases of more than 3 cards at a time.


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