The following places in Vermont, Maine, New York, and California currently carry my work:

  • Aromed Essentials
  • The Vermont Historical Society
  • Guy’s Farm and Yard
  • Cheshire Cat Boutique
  • Capitol Grounds Café
  • Rootstock Publishing

In Hardwick, Vermont:

  • Buffalo Mountain Co-op
  • Galaxy Books

In Shelburne, Vermont

  • The Flying Pig Bookstore

In Wallingford, Vermont:

  • The Sparkle Barn

In Portland, Maine:

  • Print: A Bookstore

In Lafeyette, New York:

  • The Matilda Joslyn Gage Center

In Long Beach, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

  • At various Hollywood conventions and Red Carpet events, vending in partnership with Horror Scream Queen & Actress; Disability, Racial Justice, & Fat Activist; & Plus Size Model & Social Media Influencer, Lilith Fury. On Instagram as @lilithfury . Lilith has a new book out entitled “The Darkness We Share,” which is A compelling read, and which you can find on Amazon at

Each of my Accordion Cards, found on my Store page, have a donation associated with them, explained below:

For each Matilda’s Roses accordion card sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation and Center, in Lafayette, NY (Upstate NY), where the donation will go to help further the mission of getting the word out about Matilda’s great work.

Matilda was a Suffragette Leader in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in a trio with Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Matilda shouldering much of the work among the three of them, but she was written out of history for being too Progressive and ahead of her time. Not only was she a mighty warrior in the fight for Women’s Rights, but she was an Abolitionist, believing all races should have equal access to Human Rights & Voting Rights, unlike Anthony and Stanton. Matilda’s homes, both as a child and as an adult, were on the Underground Railroad, helping to free enslaved People of Color from the shackles of white oppression. She was also such an advocate for the First Nations People, that the Haudenasaunee (Iroquois), called her “She Who Holds Up the Sky.” Also among her passionate stances was her strong believe in the Separation of Church and state, and she even believed in Animal Rights, and may have been an early vegetarian. She was a prolific writer and public speaker, and wrote the book, “Women, Church, & State,” about the damage that Christianity had done to the Women of recent society. She believed in the goodness of “witches” and how so many were just persecuted midwives and successful spinsters. She was a remarkable woman, and it is with HER influence that we have the Wizard of Oz and al 14 original books in that series, as her son-in-law was L. Frank Baum, the author of the Oz series, and it was Matilda who was the inspiration for Dorothy, as the first American children’s book heroine to go off on her own adventure and NOT marry a prince at the end, or have any romantic involvement. Dorothy, just like Matilda, was a trailblazer, and unlike in the 1930’s MGM movie, she was never told to “not look past your own back yard” for adventure! As the original 14 books were in fact MUCH more feminist and matriarchal than the movie, and this is all down to Matilda’s influence on Baum, and in fact, SHE was the one who told Baum to write down the stories of Oz that he had been telling to his children! So without Matilda, not only is it very likely that Votes for Women would have taken MUCH longer, but we might never have known the Land of Oz! The second book in the series even features a trans character, a little boy, Pip, who goes on to realize his true self as Ozma, Princess and Ruler of Oz! I HIGHLY recommend reading the full Oz series, though there are some problematic moments as Baum was a man of his time, and not as Progressive as Matilda in his views on race, but for the most part, the books are very beautiful, esp the versions with illustrations by John. R. Neill.

For further information on Matilda Joslyn Gage and how to get involved in helping preserve her legacy, please go here:

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