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Do you have Magic in your heart? And Wonder in your eyes? Can you see the Light Fairy?

It was morning in the woods during those brief Springtime days when everything is fresh & cool & fragrant, & life is tumbling forth as Nature enjoys her new youth. A small white flower beckoned to me from the side of the trail. I stepped gingerly around it to get the best light, not knowing what magic I had captured aside from a beautiful sunrise behind a delicate (and as I later learned, invasive, but DELICIOUS) flower until I looked at the photos later. Can you see the fairy?
She is a Light Fairy, and her Magic is Glorious!

Vermont Forest Wonderland

We dine upon detritus,

upon the Forest Floor,

supping in our tea party,


Decay in our decanter,

dissolving any crimes…

against Nature or Nurture,

we digest throughout all time.

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

The Mother Tree

In her youth, a tree has many friends & neighbors, brothers & sisters, all chattering together in the wind. As she ages, she stands taller, spreads wider, learns to take up space, finds her unique voice, taking her rightful place as a confident, powerful Mother Tree. She helps young trees, aids elders & the injured, sharing resources & communicating through the mycorrhizal fungi that embrace & support her roots, creating community, ecosystems, echoing the universal connections. As she grows, she says goodbye to old friends, outlives brothers & sisters, sees bright new generations sprout up around her wizened, greying frame. She is home to the feathered & furry forest dwellers. She is ancient but Mighty. She has stories to tell. Listen.

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

Mooooove Towards Justice

#BlackLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter #StopAsianHate #NoHumanIsIllegal #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionIsHealthCare #LoveIsLove #TransRightsMatter #FatPhobiaKills #DisabilityRightsMatter #ClimateChangeIsReal

We Stand with You, We Fight with You, We Move for You.
We Invite You All to the Table, We Sit Down and Make Space for You Speak,
Some of Us Do.
We have come so far, yet it is you who have done the work.

Those in power move like snails across time, oozing platitudes, not a poultice for pain,
So slowly they slide towards justice, treating people like chattel, not realizing….
Snails are so small….under hoof.

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

Narnia in Vermont

Finding lampposts through wardrobes,
we frolic with fauns.
With Nyads & Dryads,
we dance until dawn!
When Autumn has ended,
we return to our youth,
curling up with our stories,
enrobed in our truth!
Imagination our fur coat to keep out the cold,
while the snow falls around us, our hearts never grow old.

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

Ultraviolet Seduction

I am Glorious!
you want me.
I am glowing Light & vibrant Hue!
come to me.
I am Sweetness & Life, you Need me!
I am yours.
I am Sustenance, and you are Home.

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

“I DO Believe in Fairies! I do! I DO!”

– Peter Pan upon Tinkerbell falling ill

– J.M Barrie,
“Peter Pan” pub. 1911

“She is a Light Fairy, and her Magic is Glorious! May the Light Fairies Bring You Luck!”

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

“From the Borgias’ time to the present day,
Their power has been proved and tried!
Monk’s Hood blue, Called Aconite,
And the Deadly Cyanide!”

– Agatha Christie,
“In A Dispensary” pub. 1924

Aconite is featured as the poison of choice in Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple Mysteries: “4:50 from Paddington” & “They Do It with Mirrors.”

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

Double Black Currant Datura / Devil’s Trumpet

The Datura is a highly poisonous, hallucinogenic, & deadly blooming plant featured in at least two Agatha Christie Murder Mysteries, including Sleeping Murder, and Caribbean Mystery.

– Written & Photographed by Ashley Anne Strobridge

Montpelier, VT