4c. Holiday Greeting Card: “Paws in Winter/Meownic fur the Holidays”




A holiday card with an image on the front of my black and white cat Tibbolt on the front going absolutely bonkers, in a very manic way, for a red ribbon during the holidays!

There is a small image inside of Tibbolt’s two front paws in the snow, leaving little tow bean prints in the snow. And beneath this image is the following text:

Remember to paws in Winter –
so you don’t get meownic fur the holiday season!

This is a pre-order, so the images are screen shots from the design platform. The final version will not have the green dotted lines around the edges. I should have these cards in stock in a couple of weeks from Sept 18th.

I will be packaging some of these cards up for sale in groups of 5 for reduced price per card. Contact me for pricing, as I am still working out the packaging materials.

#Holidays #Christmas #Cats


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